Work Hard. Play Hard. Eat Smart.

Introducing FENIX, a subscription-based nutrition consulting app, accepting new members on an invite-only basis.

Nothing beats working with a pro

If you could afford a personal trainer every day, you'd make incredible results. Agree? What if we told you that 80% of your progress is determined by your nutrition. What if we told you that you could have your own nutritionist every day for less than your daily latte? Wait a minute, we are telling you this. Welcome to Fenix.


 Why Join Fenix 

hand@2xWorking out is only 20% of the battle

You've heard that abs are made in the kitchen, that nutrition is more important than fitness, and that you are what you eat. By the time you pay for your personal trainer, supplements and protein shakes you're racking up a hefty bill - but you're still not seeing the results you want. That's because nutrition is the determining factor about your progress.


Get ready for the other 80%

Are you ready to work on the other 80% and finally give nutrition the attention it deserves? We're not a dieting app and we're not a calorie counter - we're a nutrition consulting app. Our service pairs members with a nutrition consultant for personalized tips, motivation, and accountability on a daily basis. You can think of Fenix as your very own personal trainer for your nutrition.


What you get

  • A 1:1 consultant in your pocket for direct feedback on a per-meal basis
  • Daily feedback and suggestions
  • Weekly assessments
  • Monthly phone consultations
  • Lasting results through nutritional knowledge, accountability and motivation
 Why Join Fenix 
How Fenix Works
 Meet The Team 
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"The app kept me accountable and taught me a lot about portion control, what to eat and when, and the importance of balanced meals. I came into this experience with a ton of knowledge as I have dietary restrictions, but Rachel worked with me to help find the best solutions despite the parameters I had."
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