Why is there a waiting list?

Fenix is invite-only. In order to ensure that we deliver the best experience possible to each member, we need to keep the service manageable. As we continue to hire more consultants, we will be able to grow the number of users. 

Sign up to the waiting list below and we'll notify you when we're ready for you!

I can't find the Fenix in the App Store

Click here to download Fenix or search 'Fenix 1:1 nutrition consulting' in the App Store.


Fenix is iOS only therefore you won't see it in the Google Play Store. 


Fenix is a subscription-based app.

Once you have been accepted from the waiting list you will be asked to sign into the app and choose your payment plan. 

A 1 hour session with our nutritionists would cost $200-$300 in person. Through Fenix, you'll get them every meal for less than a daily latte.

I'm experiencing an issue with the app

We're really sorry to hear that you're having an issue.

Here are some common fixes:


1. Fenix relies on network connectivity. Please ensure you have an active network connection.

2. We regularly update our app. Please make sure you have the latest version - we advise you allow Auto-updates for Fenix.

3. Devices sometimes crash. If you're experiencing freezing/unresponsive app, you should kill the app (by opening the multi-task screen and swipe up).


If you're experiencing other issues, please get in touch with us at hello@joinfenix.com

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We work tirelessly to provide you with the best experience possible when using Fenix.

If you're experiencing a problem or have a question, please get in touch with us and we'll reply within 24 hours (most of the time though, we'll reply quicker!)


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