The Anti-Diet

The average American will 'diet' between 5-7 times in their lifetime. Juice cleansing, 30-day-challenge and the other 'lose-fat-fast' diets may help you shed some weight quickly, but once they're over the weight returns. That's because they focus on short term goals. Fenix isn't a diet, it's about discovering a healthier lifestyle. Your consultant will guide you to eating better which has many benefits, from weight loss to overall wellbeing. 


Tailor made for you

Everyone is different. Your body, your food-tastes and your goals are different to the person next to you. Your plan will be tailor-made to help you achieve your goals and your consultant will be with you each step to provide support. As you evolve, your action plan will evolve accordingly to keep your progress moving.


Learning style is key

We all have a learning style preference. Some need to read information, others need to hear it and some need to physically try it. Fenix has been specially designed to enhance your learning by ensuring we cover all three preferences through messaging, phone calls and useful feedback.




The Value of Fenix

Classic nutritionists

You’re in the market for an experienced nutritionist who can help you with your nutrition goals and educate and motivate at the same time. You research local nutritionists, compare prices and choose one that looks right. You spend $200-$400 for 2 sessions per month to receive tips, feedback and motivation. But that’s still 28 days a month on your own.


We match you with a consultant so there's no need to shop around. The app streamlines daily communications making it easy to share your meals and snacks  - just take a picture and upload it. Your consultant reviews and discusses it with you. The best part - you'll be held accountable everyday of the year (yes, including February 29th) for a fraction of the cost.




153002842383557439Your consultants

The real power of Fenix

The real power of Fenix lies in our professional nutrition consultants. Each with their own practice and years of experience, they are the real powerhouse. Matched with Fenix’s smart technology, you will receive unbeatable one-on-one consultancy.


Scoring, feedback and calls

Your consultant will rate every meal and provide actionable feedback. This will let you understand your progress and habits - are you averaging 5’s during the week and then 2’s on a weekend? Regular calls with your consultant will let you to dive into further detail.


Holding you accountable

If you use any high-street calorie counter app, you'll be familiar with the logging reminders. The problem with these lies with the fact that they're automated - there's no one there who cares. With Fenix, your personal consultant wants you to succeed and will remind you - are would you lie to your Doctor?


Having put on some weight after college, I tried all the fad diets and workout classes to shed the pounds. Nothing seemed to work. FENIX not only helped me finally lose those 15 pounds, but also helped me keep them off by teaching me about what my body needs, enlightening me on what actually "healthy", and helped me create a better relationship with food.
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